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BasoFunction Test


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  • Method Evaluation

    Evaluation of a new method or instrument must be completed prior to introduction into the laboratory. Timely and efficient completion of the evaluation requires a well thought out plan using clearly defined criteria. In general, an evaluation should be performed in the following sequence:

    • Application characteristics
    • Linearity
    • Precision (within and between run)
    • Interference
    • Recovery
    • Method comparison

    This approach to method evaluation begins with simpler preliminary studies to assess performance. Only if these results look promising, are the more extensive final studies conducted. Each step of the evaluation will detect different types of analytical error.

    Type of Analytical Error

    Preliminary Studies

    Final Studies

    Random Error

    Within run precision

    Between run precision

    Constant Error


    Method comparison

    Proportional Error

    Recovery & linearity

    Method comparison

    Systematic Error

    Method comparison

  • Transfusion

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    Because laboratory medicine is a rapidly changing science, new transfusion information is added frequently and existing ones may change as knowledge and experience increase. If there are documents which are not present, or for which you believe there may be more current information, please contact us: Contact Form.

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